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2010-11-22 20:59:03 by Enzer0

If you have Googled "Enzer0" You will probably get this page.
This account was made for me to Upload my Animations and Music, which, of course, you are free to browse and listen too.

I have many animation that are part of a two man team - Myself and Aquilas. (Also on this website)
If you have any questions about what I do, or can do for you! Please do not hesitate to ask.
My email is:

DeviantArt Page

YouTube Account

Current Issues.

I have noticed there is alot of our Animation Content posted outside of NG. This is NOT permitted.
Do Not Upload Our Content Anywhere Without Permission.
Do not steal my Alias. Even if you think Enzer0 is a cool name - It is not You - It is My Unique Alias used primarily by Me - Enzo Satera.
Please have the courtesy of not Using My Alias.

Thank You,
Enzo Satera.


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2011-07-09 08:36:12

dudeee remember me? you promised me halo orions spartans iv ages ago! come on bro


2012-01-22 01:18:54

Do you play Halo:Reach? And sry for the comment i left on OS III,I had a fever that day.if you do,my gamertag is SniperLULZ101


2012-03-26 01:48:56

love OS and looking to c more do u know when we can c more not trying to rush i gust want to know the ETA.
P.S. plz dont rush i want to it to look BA they just keep getting better and better


2016-07-22 20:56:02


do you relate to PeterSatera by any chance?