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Incredible detail - even without having to go into detail!
I agree, the directional take is spectacular. The artists clearly have a great concept of a 3D enviroment on a 2D platform.

Wonderful animation, idea and presented beautifully.
Congratulations to all of those who took part for creating a wonderful piece of Art.

Remarkable - You've really done a great job!
Engaging and pleasent to look at.

I actually thought this one was pretty good - Pretty funny. Good animation too.

And im glad to see that I made the credits.


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Please stop spamming - there are other ways to express the way you feel, the forums for instance this just wastes bandwith and peoples time.

PineappleSocom responds:


Think Twice

This is more of a how to cheat the system rather than use it. And animated stick are not just because you ca't do much better - It's the base of much animation - I animated 2d sticks in flash dancing or moving and then use the movement for reference in my 3d work, so don't be so naive about thigs like that. Think twice.

Sispri responds:

I didn't cheat. Or becuase its their first flash.

Zombies - Planning ahead!

Just you people wait! IT WILL COME TRUE! Anyway emotional rating was F over here so if you aint with us - Say goodnight! Orions Spartans would check if they were hot before we try save em. Have you not seen the movies?! THE HOTT ONES SURVIVE! AND GET LAID! anyway - Yeah, we had some good knowledge of zee guns even though we only really play Halo.

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All the chords had some sort of happiness to them; but one chord made it sad, it made it a darker atmosphere. It's a great piece. Love it. Well done.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate your thoughts.

That Brass is spot on; and the strings pair nicely. I like how the technical elements are not over highs. Focusing on the orchestral set up. It has a real heavy atmosphere. Great work FD.
And congrats on the Frontpage!

ForgottenDawn responds:

Hey there, thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise hearing you here :)
We should get in touch! I'll PM you my contact :D

Personally love the tempo changes, the sweet melodies and the contrast between the hard hitting main beats and calm, subtle beautiful pieces in between. Personally I think you show way more skill than you know about in this.

So clear, the balance between your Low, Mid and High freq's are great. I often struggle to get such a pristine EQ sound, but you've nailed it.

I do appreciate how different the melody is, what I mean by that is - you don't tend to repeat yourself, it's new pretty much all the way through.

Great job, great sound. Love it.

Onefin responds:

Hey, Enzer0! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! I appreciate it :)

Did I leave a review on your track telling you just how awesome it was? I don't think I did, and I apologize - your submission really deserved that praise. I'll have to fix that in a bit, but for now, just know that I think we're both the same in that we tend to underestimate our own works. Your track is really, really cool as well, perhaps even better!

But hey, I'm glad you love the track! For the EQ, I legit don't know how I get it balanced, as I don't really do any balancing at all - I know a few basic tricks, like raising a frequency and decreasing a frequency in one layer of a sound and doing the opposite on the other layer, or increasing the low end of kicks and basses and the high end of arps and hats, but that's really it. No real mixing attempt, no mastering. Well, I guess I did try to master, but it didn't go so well. ...Maybe I'm underestimating the helpfulness of what I do?

I do try to achieve contrast, variation, and unorthodoxy in every piece, so I'm glad that worked out well here! Once again, thanks so much for the review! Now to go over to your piece and pour some much needed love of my own... ;)

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