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2010-11-22 20:59:03 by Enzer0

If you have Googled "Enzer0" You will probably get this page.
This account was made for me to Upload my Animations and Music, which, of course, you are free to browse and listen too.

I have many animation that are part of a two man team - Myself and Aquilas. (Also on this website)
If you have any questions about what I do, or can do for you! Please do not hesitate to ask.
My email is:

DeviantArt Page

YouTube Account

Current Issues.

I have noticed there is alot of our Animation Content posted outside of NG. This is NOT permitted.
Do Not Upload Our Content Anywhere Without Permission.
Do not steal my Alias. Even if you think Enzer0 is a cool name - It is not You - It is My Unique Alias used primarily by Me - Enzo Satera.
Please have the courtesy of not Using My Alias.

Thank You,
Enzo Satera.


2010-03-08 11:30:35 by Enzer0

Hey guys! Many of you know me by my Alias "Enzer0" There are alot of people trying to steal my name online. Wether its in an popular website, forums or youtube.

May I make everyone aware I've been using the Alias of "Enzer0" for many years now. Since 2003/4 i've used this name. It's what I sell my Art under, it's wat I play as on XBOX Live, it's all in all - ME;
So please, If you want to contact me always make sure it's me your're talking to.

Anyway Enough Jibba-Jabba: Currently working on My CA4! (University Project)
It will be better than last years anyway...
I was going to write more but - No one will read this really :D

Peace Out Peeps! See you on the *REACH BETA BUILD*

Something In the Works!

2009-06-08 14:12:07 by Enzer0

So the last you heard from Me (Enzer0) and Aquilas we had sort of finished the Orions Spartans animations. You haven't heard from us in a while and thats because we have been very busy - Unfortunatly not working on a third OS animation.

Now we've started something that some what wider audience can appreciate.

We have alot of characters and work this time and so I'd like to pull maybe another artist in. Specifically a background artist. Possibly some voice actors too.

Here are the conditions for our artist.
1. Your reliable
2. You have a good understanding if Adobe Flash CS3
3. You have animated or illustrated before (if so, what did you do)
4. You're friendly and easy to work with

If you fit the criteria above, I want to see your stuff! Direct me to it and we will see what happens.
As for anyone applying for voice acting. 2 Female roles are required and possible 1 male.

Here are the conditions for voice actors
1. You do not need any past experience just a wide range of voices
2. You must speak clearly
3. Quality with recordings must be top notch. (Don't use a $1 Mic please)

Good luck to all of you! Entries should be in by June 20th

Hey guys - Enzer0 here comming at you with some news. Well theres not alot been going on in terms of animating wise but for now i'm working on my University project. A 3D zombie animation! Yeah! So i thought you guys would like to know. Now from what I've seen on this site - 3D things don't get vey far, excluding gunchest. Heres hoping I can change that!

So I need your help people! Support the 3D! GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Orions Spartans Part II

2008-03-05 04:44:15 by Enzer0

Well after the wait - and many MANY hours of Halo 3, part two is coming out by the end of next week! We have had to sub in jesus99's voice as he is currently unavailable to voice act . So yeah, expect more soon!
Unfortunatly this will be the last OS animation from me Enzer0... But don't fret I think Aquilas plans to continue with them. You'll have to check that out with him.

For me, i'll be working on a live action film called "Pride and Syan". Please check it out! The more publicity the better! Also, I might post some random 2D and 3D work on NG.